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The Everyday Collection Consignment Policies and Procedures



We are excited to bring to you The Everyday Collection by Second Born Maternity Wear! The Everyday Collection features everyday clothes for everyday adventures with special attention to 'mom-life'. You will find everything from denim and cool tops to leggings and sweatshirts in the casual, comfortable, PNW style that we know and love! Heading to the playground? Brunch with friends? Working from home? In between sizes after baby? Hunkering down during 4th trimester? You'll find something perfect to fit you during this stage in life!


Bring items in*:
February 28th- March 8th (March 13th release)
March 27-29, April 10-13th (April 17th release)
May 1- 11 (May 15th release)
June 5-14 (June 19th release)
*Dates may change. Follow on Instagram and Facebook for updates.


WHAT to bring:

  • In-season, very gently-loved women’s clothing and shoes.
  • Nothing older than 3-5 years.
  • Brands that are Gap quality or better (NO Amazon off brands, SHEIN, WalMart, Lularoe etc). If an item’s resale value is under $8, we will pass on it.
  • Brands we love: Madewell, Zella, Patagonia, Nordstrom brands, premium denim, boutique brands and the like.
  • Items must be freshly laundered, folded, and free of odors, damage, wrinkles, and pet hair.
  • Up to 25 items, nicely folded in paper bags.
  • Items that exude ‘casual northwest style’ or classic ‘mom-wear’. Comfortable, everyday clothes for everyday adventures. We will most likely pass on dress pants, formal dresses, stilettos, and the like. We will also consider very gently used shoes and handbags (please, no designer items at this time.)


We accept items for our Everyday Collection approximately the first 2 weeks of the month. These dates will vary depending on SBMW’s open shop hours.


At this time, appointments are not required. Generally, we can process your items as you wait. If the shop is busy or if you cannot stay, we will accept your items as ‘drop off’. We will contact you to let you know what will be accepted along with the initial, estimated resale valuation. If you wish to pick up the items that are not accepted, do so within 3 days otherwise they will become property of SBMW.

Items will be priced, hung and put on the selling floor mid-month

Selling Timeline:

  • We will try to sell your items for 90 days/3 months at the valued price.
  • Trade offers will be presented to consignors at the beginning of each month.
  • At the end of the 90 days/3 months, we will contact you to let you know if you have items that didn't sell and if you plan to pick them up or leave them as donation. You must pick up the items that don’t sell (within 7 days). Left items will become property of SBMW.
  • Consignor is expected to respond to offer within 48 hours. We will then record your shop credit or send cash trade.


You bring items in on September 5th. They will be available for sale beginning September 16th (give or take). They will be on the sales floor until December 16th (appx 90 days). Trade offer will be sent between the 16-21st. Remaining items should be picked up on the 23rd.


Consignor may choose one of the following trade options:

  • 40% of selling price in cash (paid via PayPal or Venmo)
  • 50% of selling price in shop credit



Trade offers will be presented at the beginning of each month.



Second Born Maternity Wear reserves the right to change policy and procedures.

Second Born Maternity Wear is not responsible for sellers lost, damaged or stolen goods.



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Edited 3/22/2024.